A love for gin

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Our Signature Gin is made in the picturesque foothills of Adelaide using 21 organic, carefully balanced botanicals. The gin’s rich and complex mouthfeel has caught the attention of some of the world’s finest palates.

Little Juniper’s story began when Stuart fell in love with the transparent elixir that is gin, at age 14 when he had his first sip with his mother. His godfather worked for Penfolds and Hardys and always told stories about his winemaking days whenever he brought wines over for the family to enjoy.

One night something happened that sparked Stuart’s curiosity. He saw his godfather fill up an empty barrel sitting on the kitchen counter with all sorts of concoctions. After years of going unnoticed and untouched, Stuart tried some of the port from the barrel, which turned out to be one of the best ports he has tasted. It inspired him to start his own distillery one day.

Stuart’s love for gin blossomed at the local pub when the bartender would stock up on gins from around the world, as the barman appreciated his rare love for the spirit. Even before making handcrafted, high-quality gin, Stuart was home-brewing beer and ginger beer that friends and family loved.

A 25-year career in TV, films and visual effects motivated Stuart to start his own media business in 2019. But as the Covid pandemic hit and changed the way the world operates, Stuart quickly adapted to the change and accelerated his plans to open his distillery. His decades of research into distillation and planning proved useful when he started Little Juniper Distilling.

At Little Juniper, we use sustainable and innovative practices to make high-quality spirits. We strive to have the smallest footprint with our processes to have minimum impact on the environment.

Young Stuart with his mother, family distilling, love for wine, Penfolds wine

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