Little Juniper Gin and Tonic

Little Juniper Gin and Tonic
You can't go past a good gin and tonic.
Add the following to a glass with ice:
45 ml Little Juniper Signature Gin
90 ml Capi Dry tonic
Depending on how strong you like your gin you may prefer to go with a 3:1 ratio of tonic to gin, but we like to taste the botanicals in our gin.
Capi Dry and Little Juniper Signature Gin are a match made in heaven, even though we often drink our gin with soda, Capi Dry brings out the full volume of the citrus and really adds to the flavour without taking over.


Garnish with either of the following:
A sprig of rosemary
Dehydrated grapefruit
Dehydrated blood orange
Dehydrated orange