Little Cello Spritz

The Little Cello Limoncello Spritz is the ultimate summer daytime cocktail! Bursting with refreshing effervescence and the delightful taste of sweet, zesty lemon, this drink is a breeze to make with just three ingredients

The magic of the Littlle Cello Spritz lies in the simplicity and exceptional taste of Little Juniper Little Cello Limoncello. Just grab a bottle of prosecco, Little Cello Limoncello, some soda water, and a few garnishes to add a little flair.

Here's what you'll need:


Limoncello: Little Juniper Little Cello Limoncello

Prosecco: I Any dry or brut Prosecco will work perfectly.

Soda Water: Either club soda or sparkling water will do. If you opt for sparkling water, ensure it's unflavoured.

Garnishes: A fresh lemon slice and some mint leaves add the perfect finishing touch to this cocktail.


This Limoncello Spritz recipe is a breeze to remember with its classic 3:2:1 ratio: 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Little Cello Limoncello, and 1 part club soda or sparkling water.