12 months in retail

It has been an incredible 12 months on shelves in bottles shops, bars, hotels, pubs, clubs, and just as important on peoples dining tables and home bars. Sticking to our guns in what we believe in, sustainability in our products, and packaging, helps us sleep at night. Not to mention making a product with certified organic ingredients and winning seven international awards at the same time.

To be honest, none of these things compare to the incredible friends we have made in that time. Customers, suppliers, people in government and councils, and fellow distillers, who in another industry would be called competitors. The support and love we have received have been life-changing.

While it has been an incredible journey, it has also been a challenging one. Covid has been tough on our customers and suppliers and it has had a knock-on effect throughout the economy as we have all seen.

Thank you all for your kindness and help, not only in the past twelve months but the last two years. Let's hope the future has a little more positivity for all of us.

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